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Home: (775) 753-5290
Becky's cell: 775-388-4340 foaling attendant/owner
Dan's cell: 775-299-1268 last resort helper husband

Nicker Box
Welcome to
Rubyview Minis
Xquisite Miss
On 4-8-13 she is
at day 345.
She is showing no signs
of foaling thus far.
This is her 3rd foal.
She foals at around
342 days and more.
Missy usually shows
a medium bag 1 to 4
weeks before foaling,
then bags up huge
within 8 hours of
foaling, so that is
a good indicator for her.
Missy is a high risk girl
She was not suppose
to get bred. Its an oops.
Please help watch her
Check MW message board for updates
False alarms will gladly
be taken over a lost foal!